Vinton County is Ohio’s last frontier of Appalachian wilderness. Our scenic beauty, rural location, and plentiful hunting opportunities attract attention from visitors across the state and the country every year.

The Vinton County Convention and Visitors’ Bureau (VCCVB) is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization that promotes tourism in the county through regional and statewide marketing efforts. The VCCVB produces a premium-quality biannual visitors guide that is distributed throughout Ohio. Since 2004, the VCCVB has partnered with the Vinton County Commissioners’ Development Department and the Vinton County Chamber of Commerce to market the county through one joint office in McArthur.

2022 Board of Trustees
  • David “Uncle Buck” McPherson, President
  • Sharon Conner, Vice President
  • Audie Games, Secretary
  • Susan Tripp, Treasurer
  • Lindsay Barnett
  • Phil Collins
  • Lori Grupenhof
Executive Director
  • Caleb Appleman

The work of the VCCVB is made possible with the support of its tourism partners and by a portion of the lodging tax charged to visitors who stay in local lodging facilities. Any individual, business, or nonprofit organization involved in travel and tourism is invited to approach the VCCVB about volunteer and marketing opportunities.

Marketing Opportunities

  • Vinton County’s Official Visitors Guide
    • This biannual publication [link to the visitors guide request form] promotes the county to visitors. Local tourism businesses and attractions are listed in the guide, and advertisements may also be purchased.
  • Website
    • Local tourism businesses and attractions receive free listings here on the VCCVB website ( and can promote upcoming events hosted by their business or organization in the Event Calendar [link to Event Calendar].
  • Visitor Center
    • Members’ brochures, menus, or sample products can be displayed in the Vinton County Visitor Center [link to Where to Shop –> Visitor Center].
  • Marketing Tools
    • “Tourism partner” window clings and other marketing tools are available.
  • Referral System
    • Inquiries are made to the Vinton County Visitor Center for services and products by phone, email, and walk-ins. Informing the VCCVB about your products ad services allows us to better inform visitors about what’s available in our area.
  • Events
    • The VCCVB sponsors annual events, including the annual Midnight at Moonville festival. The VCCVB also compiles an annual Calendar of Events for publication in the Official Visitors Guide, the website, local news media, and other marketing efforts.
  • Advertising Discounts
    • The VCCVB purchases print advertising in regional markets. These ads promote the entire county, but sometimes include co-op space for local businesses to purchase ads at a reduced rate.
  • Tourism Expos
    • The VCCVB attends state and regional tourism expos and conventions to advertise our county’s tourism assets and events. Local businesses are sometimes invited along to sell or promote their products.
  • Committee Activity
    • The VCCVB is governed by a seven-member Board of Trustees who act as chairpersons on committees. Members of the public are encouraged to become involved by volunteering on committees too.